Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Value-added tax (VAT) is an essential factor in accounting. Upon request, we will take care of VAT returns, also assisting clients when selecting optimal accounting methods, whilst assessing specific and proper procedures.
We endeavour to properly advise our clients right from the beginning. We recommend that each entrepreneur make regular checks on his/her accounting methods and individual business transactions.


Our services at a glance

  • Clarification of tax obligations
  • Simplified accounting (net tax rate)
  • Assessment of VAT related supplies and services
  • Preparation of VAT return
  • Turnover reconciliation
  • Assistance with VAT audit as required


General tax liabilities

Our ongoing checks include assessing the possibility of voluntary reporting in the register of taxable businesses. By reporting voluntarily, long-term effects, such as those arising from acquisition tax, can be identified early on. Start-ups in particular should focus on VAT right from the beginning.

Tax liabilities for foreign companies

The partial amendment of the Swiss Value Added Tax Act enacted on 1.1.2018 has brought about significant change. In order to improve the competitiveness of domestic companies, foreign firms have also come under scrutiny. Companies supplying goods in Switzerland or providing telecommunications and electronic services to end customers may be subject to taxation from the first franc of sales, if global sales are higher than CHF 100,000. Contact us in good time so that we can assist you throughout the procedure.

Simplified accounting (net tax rate)

Swiss legislation covers several forms of simplification in accounting methods. By using the net tax rate method, and provided that sales from taxable services are not higher than CHF 5.02 million annually, and taxes do not exceed CHF 109,000 during the period, a net tax rate can be applied that is suitable for your sector.

Benefits of the net tax rate method:

Only 2 half-yearly accounts
No recording of input taxes
No own consumption
In comparison to the effective method (3 years), to be retained for 1 year

We have developed a computational model to determine and compare various methods and accounting variants. We would be pleased to provide support when selecting the accounting methods best suited to you, creating added value for your company.