Our working style

Our working style at Lenz Treuhand AG is characterised by commitment, flexibility, a motivation to learn and develop and a strong team spirit. It also includes an attractive working environment with a wide range of work options and benefits that enable us to give our best.

Digital «Treuhand»

We use modern technology to improve paperless processes. Wherever possible, we work digitally with our clients, from data delivery to final evaluation. We use a DMS platform to process and create documents in an efficient and process-driven manner.


We value a good work-life balance. Flexible working hours, part-time working and special consideration for special life situations are a matter of course for us.

Further training and development opportunities

We invest in professional development, particularly for those pursuing a career in fiduciary services. In addition to financial contributions to training courses and programmes, we support professional and personal development through regular training courses, workshops and seminars, as well as on-the-job learning.

Team events and activities

The best way to build team spirit is through team events and activities. We regularly organise events where we can get to know each other outside the workplace and get away from it all. Whether it is an after-work drink or a long weekend away together. Our team also likes to get together and have fun in their free time.

Open communication and feedback culture

We value open and transparent communication. We encourage our employees, including you, to contribute ideas, ask questions and give constructive feedback. In this way, we create an atmosphere of trust and equal cooperation. This is also the basis for working with our customers.

Clear goals and expectations

We make a point of communicating specific goals and expectations. This creates clarity and enables our employees to focus on their core tasks and work efficiently.

Home office

We support working from home. Our modern IT infrastructure provides secure access to important data from anywhere. Working from home gives our employees flexibility in their day-to-day work.


Our office is in the centre of Zurich Seefeld. With Stadelhofen railway station just 8 minutes’ walk away and the Kreuzstrasse bus and tram stop on the doorstep, the location is ideal. In other words, the public transport connections are optimal, making it quick and easy to get to work.

Flexible workspaces

Our workplace concept gives you the freedom to choose according to your current needs, because we do not have fixed workstations. From concentrated work in individual offices to dynamic open spaces. Three mobile workstations on wheels add to this flexibility.


In addition to the standard equipment (MS Surface, keyboard, mouse and headset), we all have our own “toolbox” in which we can store one or two items. We keep all our equipment in our personal compartment in the office.

Recreation room

Our recreation room is not only a meeting place during breaks, but also the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee from our portafilter coffee machine. If you are in a hurry, there is also a capsule coffee machine. For your culinary needs, we have everything from a microwave to a small induction hob. And if you do not feel like cooking or do not have the time, there are plenty of places to eat, especially on the ground floor of our office. In the summer, our cosy terrace is a great place to take your lunch break outside and pick up some vitamin D.

Health promotion at work

Health is important to us. That is why we offer a range of health promotion measures, from ergonomic workstations to occasional exercise programmes, such as yoga on the terrace in summer. Sports enthusiasts can go jogging, swimming and much more around Lake Zurich or in the Adlisberg/Witikon recreation area. Our office also has a separate shower.


Sustainability is an important part of our culture. We focus on environmentally responsible behaviour and strive to use resource-efficient processes to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, by not printing documents and moving to digital data exchange with our customers and suppliers. But also in the use of infrastructure, such as the increased use of reusable crockery, the use of the portafilter coffee machine to avoid waste capsules, or the use of office plants to improve the indoor climate.

Team satisfaction and performance is our number one priority at Lenz Treuhand AG. We pride ourselves on working together to create an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.